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Our Management

Dr Manu Jaggi
Chief Operating Officer

Dr Manu Jaggi holds a doctorate in Cancer Biology and is a postgraduate in pharmaceutical sciences (Gold Medallist). He has more than 30 years of research experience in new drug discovery and early & advanced preclinical drug development. He did his Ph.D in 1994 from the National Institute of Immunology in North Delhi. He holds more than 100 patents and has published and presented over 40 research papers in peer-reviewed journals. He holds memberships in several scientific committees and has attended and presented at several international and Indian conferences and meetings.

Dr Anu T Singh
Chief Scientific Officer

Dr Anu T. Singh holds a doctorate in Tumour Biology and is a postgraduate in Biotechnology. She has More than 30 years of research experience in new drug discovery and early preclinical drug development in Oncology & allied areas. She did her Ph.D in 1994 from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi and postdoctoral research at the National Institute of Immunology, Delhi in the area of signal transduction alterations in adeno-carcinomas. Dr Singh holds 14 US Patents, more than 46 in the rest of the world and several more in India. She has published and presented more than 30 research papers in peer-reviewed journals & scientific meetings.


Our team is one built on passion, excellence and commitment to quality. Each of our team leaders  embodies these qualities not only in their work but in how they deal with internal and external stakeholders. 
With a collective experience of over 200 years, each person is a domain expert, contributing cutting edge knowledge and incisive strategic thought. As an organisation we follow the highest ethical standards in our work and interactions with each other. Our leaders work on the ethos of building teams that acknowledge and reward merit ensuring that each study, each client and each project gets the best resources

Ramakrishna Dasoju (Project management)

Qualification: M.Sc & MBA

Experience: 15+ years of experience in Pharma & Biotech industry & CROs



  • Responsible for overall project & operations management at DRF including liaising with the sponsor; coordinating and leading partners; supervising members of the project team; and overseeing project implementation, financial and administrative oversight, reporting, and monitoring and evaluation of the project.
  • Driving force behind the success of every key project that the organization seeks to accomplish and recognized for consistent success in developing the processes and procedures to streamline operations and enhance business performance.
Dr.Ritu Verma (Preclinical co-ordinator)

Qualification: PhD in Biotechnology

Experience: Associated with DRF for over 16 years



Heading preclinical operations and responsible for overall strategy and coordination for different projects. Wide experience in cell based animal free models in different therapeutic areas such as oncology, metabolic disorders, immunity, inflammation, dermatology, dermal pathologies amongst others. Expertise in designing Roadmap strategy for wide range of products in compliance with various requirements as per project need.

Navika Gupta (QUA)

Qualification: M.Sc. Zoology

Experience: 6 years experience in GLP




  • Responsible for overall functioning and management of Quality Assurance activities at the Dabur Research Foundation (DRF) Test Facility.
  • Management of workflow, through organization, prioritization and delegation of activities for successfully carrying out QA functions including inspections and audits for compliance with relevant in-house Standard Operating procedures (SOPs), GLP principles and applicable guidelines.
Akshay Bawa (Business development UK & USA)

Qualification: Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering, MBA: Finance and Strategy

Experience: 15+ years of experience in the Life Science sector in numerous roles across BD and Strategy


  • He has spearheaded product registration and expansion in various markets during his time in Biocon and Jubilant. He also led internal consulting projects for the Dutch conglomerate DSM.
  • Responsible for various initiates to either cut cost or increase the top line growth in various markets.
Karan Prabhakar (Business development EU & India)

Qualification: Bachelor of Pharmacy + MBA (Marketing + Human Resources)

Experience: 10+ years of experience in International & Domestic Business Development, Licensing & Sales


  • Exploring new partnering opportunities for expansion into EU, APAC & Domestic markets for the company’s Service & Product Portfolio.
  • Developing growth strategies through identification & mapping of business strengths & needs for the above geographical fronts.
Dr.Alka Madaan (In vitro pharma)

Qualification: Doctorate in Biotechnology

Experience: 15 years of experience in immunology and oncology.



  • She has expertise in Immunology, Inflammation, Oncology, Dermatology, Metabolic disorders, Hair growth and cell-based screening models in multiple therapeutic areas.
  • Cell Biology Team has a strength of 12 scientists including PhDs and MSc from premier institutes such as Jamia Hamdard, National Institute of Immunology, JNU, Amity University etc
Kamaraj Mani (In vivo pharma)

Qualification: Masters in Pharmaceutical science in Pharmacology

Experience: 20 years of experience in experimental pharmacology



  • Leads the In-vivo pharmacology group.
  • Delivered guidance for drug discovery programs in multiple therapeutic areas including Oncology, Metabolic disorders, Pain, Inflammation, Neuroscience & Safety evaluation.
Moinuddin (Analytical)

Qualification: M.Pharm.

Experience: 11 years of experience in GLP CRO’s



  • Leading a team of analytical chemistry for physicochemical testing, 5 Batch Analysis, Residue analysis and analytical method validation.
  • Most of these are conducted under GLP compliance for Product registration in various Regulatory Authorities (US-EPA, EU, Brazil).
Gorav Monga (Bio-analytical)

Qualification: M.Pharmacy ( Pharmaceutics)

Experience: 14 years




Leading the DMPK operations of the Analytical department at DRF which includes invitro and In-vivo ADME and relevant Analytical and bioanalytical operations

Ritesh Kumar (Safety assessment)

Qualification: M.Sc.(Toxicology)

Experience: 13 years



Work Profile:

Overall responsible for the management and functioning of Toxicology studies as per GLP and SOP compliance. Monitoring and performing of Acute six-pack studies (Acute Oral in Rats, Acute Dermal in Rats, Acute Inhalation in Rats, Acute Eye Irritation in Rabbits, Acute Dermal Irritation in Rabbits, Skin Sensitization in Guinea pigs), Repeated dose Studies by a different route of administration and Reproduction Toxicity Studies as per the regulatory requirements Like Schedule Y, OECD, ICH, FDA, EPA etc.

Dr. Kriti Soni (Formulation Development)

Qualification : M.Pharm, Ph.D. Pharmaceutics, PGDPRA, PGDIPR, PDCR, LLB

Experience: More than 6 years



  • She has a vast experience in developing novel drug delivery systems which can be used for topical or oral applications. Dr.Soni has
    developed several patented technologies for enhancement of topical permeation and enhancement of oral bioavailability of drugs, herbs and phytochemicals (the sentence here is about the team and the department -the bio is yours)
  • Spearheading the intellectual property filing for our clients which includes national patent applications, PCT, trademarks well as product approvals as per FSSAI, drug and cosmetic AYUSH etc are also her responsiblity. She is recognized by FSSAI as food safety supervisor and trainer for nutraceuticals. She is also the lead auditor for FSMS ISO 22000 and takes care of the food safety requirements related to products being developed and manufactured. Her work and exepertise has lead her to delivere lectures and talks at various national and international platforms. Apart from this, she has several national and international publications to her credit because of her research work in the field of nanomedicine, nanotechnology, pharmaceuticals and phytomedicine.
Jayachandran (HR)

Qualification: MBA - HR

Experience: More than 15 years




  • Performs human resource services such as compensation, benefits, recruitment, employee relations and administration.
  • Delivers on key HR metrics and establishes robust processes for HR operation.
Shilpa Singh ( Corporate HR Strategy)

Qualification: PGDIM , Masters of Psychology degree

Experience: Over 22 years


Profile :

  • Supports organizational development goals of companies as well as individuals from across a wide swathe of industries. She also trains senior leadership and professionals on improving communication skills and developing winning workplace relationships.
  • She has experience in building firm wide policies and guidelines, building recruitment processes, exit
    processes, remuneration guidelines, performance appraisal system (creation, review and implementation). She provides strategic input on the human resource strategy for the organisation.
Digpal Singh Gusain ( Facility Maintenance)

Qualification: PGDHRM & PGDPM&IR

Experience: 21 years



Profile :

  • Handling entire facility administration and responsible to guide and supervise the Engineering, Maintenance and Safety Services.
  • Responsible for planning and execution of Space management, upgradation of Labs/Offices and its
    renovations, planning and execution of Revenue Management.
Vishal Kumar Dubey

Qualification: M.Pharma. Pharmacology

Experience: 10 years




Responsible for overall functioning and management of Quality Assurance activities at the Dabur Research Foundation (DRF) Test Facility.
- Management of workflow, through an organization, prioritization, and delegation of activities for successfully carrying out QA functions including inspections and audits for compliance with relevant in-house Standard Operating procedures (SOPs), GLP principles, and applicable guidelines.

Abhishek Kumar Jain

Qualification: MSc, PhD (Biochemistry)

Experience: 7.5 Yrs




  • To evaluate the Genotoxicity/Mutagenicity in in vitro and in vivo test models using different cytogenetic
  • Standardization and Validation of new test System (in vitro and in vivo) for toxicity screening of variety of molecules and test chemicals.
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