Alternates To Animal Testing


Dabur Research Foundation offers various in vitro or ex vivo models serving as alternatives to animal testing by focusing on the 3R’s principle.

These methods accelerate the screening process by decreasing time taken for screening and hence are more economical than animal testing. At DRF, we assure to offer efficient, accurate, reliable and economic solutions as the alternative to the animal experimentation.

We offer following models as alternatives to animal testing

S. No Pharmacological relevance Bioassay Therapeutic area
1. Anticancer screening MTT assay in cancer cell lines Oncology
2. Synergistic/additive/antagonistic anticancer activity MTT assay in cancer cell lines Oncology
3. Normal cell toxicity MTT assay/morphogical characterization Oncology
4. Dermal safety Human Fibroblasts assay Dermatology
5. Mechanism of uptake of drugs 1)  Tracking of drug delivery by TEM
2)  Cellular uptake by HPLC
6. Dermal cosmetic products for
anti-ageing potential
Primary human dermal Fibroblasts assay Dermatology
7. Dermal cosmetic products for
skin-whitening potential
B16 Melanoma cell line assay Dermatology
8. Systemic hypersensitivity potential Complement activation assay Oncology
9. Allergy/Anti-allergy potential Histamine estimation in Mast cell-line Allergy
10. Diabetes Glucose uptake assay Metabolic Diseases
11. Hair growth potential Human dermal papilla cells assay Dermatology
12. Anti-inflammatory potential 1)  Murine Dendritic cells
2)  Murine Macrophage cell line
3) Human Monocytic cell line
13. Immunomodulatory potential 1)  Murine Dendritic cells
2)  Murine Macrophage cell line
3)  Human Monocytic cell line
14. Angiogenesis Primary endothelial cells assay Oncology
15. Antioxidants 1) SOD assay
2) Catalase assay
3) GSH assay
4) MDA assay
16. Phototoxicity NRU assay in NIH-3T3 cell line Dermatology
17. Chemotherapy induced toxicity Liver, heart, lung, kidney and intestinal cell lines Oncology
18. Chemotherapy induced hematotoxicity CFU-GM assay
CFU-E assay
CFU-MK assay
19. Digestion Amylase activity assay
Lipase activity assay
Trypsin activity assay
Chymotrypsin activity assay
Disaccharidases assay
(Sucrase, Lactase, Maltase)
20. Wound healing potential Dermal fibroblast cell line Dermatology
21. Anti-osteoarthritis/Rheumatoid arthritis Synovial sarcoma cell line
Chondro sarcoma cell line
22. Efficacy of targeted drugs Target overexpression in using cell lines Oncology
23. Intestinal permeability CaCO-2 cell monolayers-met Gastrointestinal
24. Protein Binding Ultrafiltration Method  
25. Solubility DMSO Precipitation (Kinetic solubility Determination)  
26. In vitro permeability PAMPA  
27. Analgesic activity Rat whole blood assay for PGE2 estimation Metabolic Diseases
28. Leucoderma Melanogenesis stimulatory assay in B16 melanoma cell lines Dermatology
29. Anti-osteoporotic activity Alkaline phosphatase activity in osteoblast-like cell lines Metabolic Diseases
30. Anti-cirrhotic activity 1)  Primary hepatocytes
2)  Hepatic stellate cells
Metabolic Diseases
31. Photoprotective effect UV induced damage using fibroblasts cell lines Dermatology
32. Rhinitis Nasal epithelial cell lines Inflammation
33. Asthma Bronchial smooth cell lines/Airway epithelium cell lines Allergy
34. Hypoallergenicity Dendritic cells based assay Allergy