In a campus of approximately 75,000 square feet area, Dabur Research Foundation is a one-stop-shop for your preclinical needs. The state-of-the-art GLP facility has 42 states of the art experimental rooms. This facility is air-conditioned with the proper HVAC system and equipped to handle all steps of drug discovery and development, housing the In-Vitro lab, In-Vivo lab, DMPK lab, OECD GLP certified Animal Facility and Tissue Culture. The facility has uninterrupted power supply, continuous water supply systems with separate lines for Normal and DM water, Milli-Q water, temperature control and a top-class fire safety systems. The CPCSESA approved Small Animal Facility houses rats, mice, guinea pigs and rabbits with IVCs for handling immune-compromised animals. The tissue culture facility is world-class and has one of the biggest cell line repositories in India. The DMPK facility has the most modern facilities of HPLCs and LC/MS-MS. Archives, Test Item Control Unit, Cold Room, Centralised Document Control facility are other specialized areas in the facility which function as GLP requirement.