Providing Integrated Research Solutions in Preclinical Biology


  1. Multiple strains of rat – Healthy & Disease Model
  2. Multiple Strains of mouse – Healthy & Disease Model
  3. Various routes of administration 
  4. Dose linearity Studies
  5. Single Dose, Multiple dose, Cassette Dosing
  6. Route of Excretion (Urine & Faeces)

Tissue Distribution/Biodistribution in rodents

  1. Exposure kinetics in skin, plasma & various organs like liver, heart, spleen etc.
  2. Exposure to brain, CSF collection

Dermal PK in rodents

  1. Healthy & Disease Mode

Bioavailability in rodents

  1. Absolute bioavailability against IV administration
  2. Comparative bioavailability 

Statistical analysis of PK data using Phoenix Winnonlin

  1. Détermination of PK parameter Cmax, Tmax, AUC, MRT, CL etc.
  2. Bioequivalence
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