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covid 19

Study Title Reference Drug End point Parameters
SARS CoV2 Spike protein induced Lung inflammation model in BALB/c Mice Dexamethasone Gross pathology of Lung, Cytokine (IL1beta, IL6 etc..) in BALF, Histopathological investigation of Lung
In-vivo efficacy of test item against intranasal SARS-CoV2 model in hamster Remdesivir Clinical sign, Body weight change, Lung viral titer, Cytokine gene in spleenocyte, Histopathology of lung
In-vivo efficacy of test item against intranasal influenza virus model in BALB/c mice Oseltamivir Clinical score, Body weight change, survival, Viral load in lung & nasal wash, Cytokine level in BALF, Plasma , Histopathology of lung
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