We offer a complete package for drug discovery in the Oncology space. The SMART package builds in the complete set of studies required to enable discovery of NCEs right up to selection of the pre – IND candidate. Your discovery program is accelerated by a range of well defined in vitro screens, disease specific xenograft models, early ADMET & assessment of safety.

The RAPID package offers comprehensive assessment of the critical parameters assessing your molecules for presence of desirable drug like properties. The solubility, metabolic stability, plasma protein binding and the potential for drug – drug interaction are evaluated to enable appropriate selection of the lead molecule.

A comprehensive package for ADME profiling

The SAFETY package is designed specifically to select for absence of clinical toxicities frequently seen for cytotoxics in the clinical practice. The package investigates toxicities that are typically not detected in conventional safety assessment strategies. The SAFETY package includes preclinical models for assessment of cardiotoxicity, gastrointestinal toxicity, alopecia, nuetropenia & peripheral neuropathy. Helps in selection of safer lead molecules or formulations at an early stage of development.

A comprehensive package for clinical toxicity screening

The Cell MAP profiles novel molecules as well as modified formulations of anticancer drugs for their putative mechanism of action in target cancers. The combination of drug uptake studies in combination with signal transduction approaches elucidate the underlying mechanism of action of the candidate molecules. In vitro and in vivo assessment of effects on neovascularization and programmed cell death are also in built into the package to provide data to critically assess the anticancer potential of the molecules under investigation. The strategies encompassing Cell MAP are adaptable to molecules for other therapeutic areas as well.

A comprehensive screening platform for Mechanism of action profiling

The Product repositioning package is focused toward generating additional value from you existing asset. With this desire to enable Life Science, Health care & Cosmeceuticals industry creates additional value from existing assets we at DRF use multiple approchaces to rediscover values in your product. Our Product Centric Repositioning tries to identify alternative and additional indication, Enhanced Organoleptic properties, better delivery system and lesser toxicities for given product at any stage of its PLC. Our approach covers Phytopharmaceuticals, Generics & Innovative Pharmaceuticals, Failed or Shelved compound and possible novel combination.

The claim substantiation package is focused toward giving your product a competitive edge in today’s crowded markets. DRF can analyze your product and isolate the unique attributes which distinguish it from competitor’s claims for a broad range of products.