Metabolic Disease CRO


Study Title Reference Drug End point Parameters
STZ induced type-I diabetes in rats Insulin BGL, OGTT, Insulin level , histology of pancreas, body weight, feed consumption
STZ induced type-II diabetes in rat pups (neonatal Model & High Fat Diet ) Metformin BGL, OGTT, Insulin level , histology of pancreas, body weight, feed consumption, Anti-odidants (SOD & catalase )
Anti-Obesity Activity in High Fat Diet Adapted C57BL/6 Mice Orlistat BGL, OGTT, Lipid profile, body weight, feed consumption
Estrogenic Activity Using Ovariectomized and Normal (Non-ovariectomized) Female Rats Uterus weight, Histology of uterus, Estrogen level etc…
Anti-Hyperglycemic potential using normoglycemic test in rat & OGTT Blood glucose level , AUC
Vit.D3 defeciency induced abnormalities using rats Calciferol Vitamin D metabolites estimation, Calcium Pottasium in plasma, Behavoiural memory Y maze test, Muscle grip, etc..
Anti-ageing activity using D-Galactose induced rat model Body weight, Anti-oxidants in serum & vital organs , Histology of vital organs
Anti-osteoporotic activity using ovariectomy induced Rat model Plasma TSH, Estrogen levels , Anti-oxidant , Minerals
Diabetes induced severe oxidative stress model using rat Curcumin BGL, SOD, Catalase, GPX, GHS, plasma and tissues
Orchectomy (ORX) Model for Testosterone release in Rats Testosterone release kinetics , Histology
Anti-diabetic activity using db/db mice model Metformin Blood Glucose level, Insulin, Body weight, OGTT , Histology of pancreas